0.12W LED Solar Powered Deck Light Fixtures, Black - 100 Lumens - 2VAC - 4000K Cool White


‌- Solar-Powered: The light's built-in solar panel and Ni-MH battery let it work for 12hrs straight when fully charged.

Widely Used: This compact solar deck light focuses the light over a 90° beam angle that is perfect for fences, walls, and other areas.

Auto On/Off: When set to ON, the light automatically turns on at dusk and then turns off at dawn to charge. When set to Off, the light does not turn on.

Easy to Use: The included mounting accessories make installing this light a breeze. The switch on the back of the light lets you set the auto On/Off function (set it to ON before using).

Quality You Can Trust: The light's drain holes keep water from damaging it when the highly durable lens is made of high-quality PS. It also comes with a 12-month warranty.

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This light stays off during the day to charge then turns on automatically at night.

Drain Holes
The built-in drain holes keep water out, prolonging the light's lifespan.

Manual Switch
The easy to access switch makes selecting modes super easy.

Have you been searching for a light to decorate your fences, then TORCHSTAR's solar deck light is the best choice.

Automatic Lighting

The light turns on automatically at dusk then off at dawn thanks to its built-in solar panel. The Ni-MH batteries give it 12hrs of continuous lighting after being fully charged.

Easy to Use

This solar-powered deck light is super easy to install with the included accessories, no wiring needed. The compact design helps it blend in with its surroundings while the sturdy and durable PS material helps it last longer.


Wattage: 0.12W

Solar panel rated voltage: 2V

Beam angle: 90°

CCT: 4000K cool white

Working temp: -4°F-122°F

Waterproof rating: IP44

Battery type: Ni-MH battery

Battery capacity: 200mAh

Product Name
0.12W LED Solar Powered Deck Light Fixtures, Black - 100 Lumens - 2VAC - 4000K Cool White
Product Weight
LED Light Color
4000K Cool White
Model number
Color temperature
100 lm
Power consumption
Operating voltage range
LED Color
Cool White
Input Connection Type
Solar Powered
CCT Value

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