100ft 16/2 Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Cable

  • Wire Specification: The 100ft, 16-gauge outdoor landscape cable can fully satisfy your needs for outdoor landscape lighting
  • Long-lasting Performance: This cable is water, dust and dirt resistant thanks to the premium-grade PVC insulation material, making it perfect for outdoor use
  • Flexible Usage: This wire can be directly buried without worrying about corrosion and can withstand temperatures from as cold a –22 degrees F, all the way up to 194 degrees F
  • Versatile Outdoor Light Cable: This cable is suitable for path lights, garden accent lighting or any other low voltage outdoor landscape lighting need
  • Quality Assurance: This cable is UL listed for quality assurance and safe to use operation and comes with a 3-year product warranty, giving you extra protection
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LEONLITE’s 16AWG 2-conductor low voltage outdoor landscape lighting cable can be directly buried under the ground, which remains hidden and can integrate with natural landscapes.

Durable Outdoor Lighting Cable

You don’t have to be afraid of extreme weather or sun exposure ruining your low voltage landscape lighting’s power with this durable PVC insulated cable that can take the toughest conditions. It can work even in a bone chilling -22℉ or an almost water boiling 194℉.

Versatile Cable for Outdoor Use

This low voltage lighting cable has a length of 100ft, meaning you can run this long cable further out from the power source.

This cable is great for outdoor landscape lighting, pathway lighting and garden accent lighting.


  • Voltage: Max 300V
  • Working temp: -22℉-194℉
  • Wire insulation material: PVC
  • Conductor material: Copper
Product Name
100ft 16/2 Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Cable
Product Weight
Model number
Standards and certifications p
UL LIsted
Wire length
1200in (100ft.)
Environmental ip rating
Weatherproof IPX5
Ambient operating temperature
-30~+90°C (-22~+194 °F)
Operating voltage range
12V-300V AC/DC
Copper, Polyvinyl Chloride

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