200W LED UFO High Bay Shop Light Fixture - 26000 Lumens - 100-277 VAC - 2000W Incandescent Equivalent - 5000K Daylight


- 90% Energy Savings: This UFO LED high bay light produces 26,000lm of intense brightness with 130lm/W. It can replace a traditional 2000W light with added energy savings of up to 90%, and save you $9,900 on your electricity bill during its lifespan.

- Excellent Heat Dissipation: This 200W UFO LED high bay light is made of industrial die-cast aluminum. It's designed with multiple heat sinks which allows for faster heat dissipation. It's designed to effectively protect the LED chips, and driver, to extend the lifespan of the UFO shop light.

- 10%-100% Dimmable: The UFO high bay light fixtures can achieve 10%-100% dimming with LEVITON DS710, & LUTRON DVSTV dimmers. No dimming flickers or noises, it can satisfy different lighting demands over various conditions. It's suitable for stadiums, exhibition halls, shopping malls and any large space.

- UL Listed: This UFO LED high bay light is UL listed for high quality and has a long 50,000hrs lifespan. It comes backed by a 5-year warranty since the date of purchase.

- Various Use Cases: Designed with an IP65 waterproof rating and 4000V surge protection, this 200W UFO warehouse lighting fixture is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The voltage of these UFO LED high bay lamps are 100-277V.

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IP65 Waterproof
This high bay light can be safely used in wet locations thanks to the IP65 waterproof rating. The fixture's long 50,000hrs lifespan reduces the need for frequent replacement and maintenance.

Aluminum Housing
The high-quality aluminum housing gives this high bay light excellent safety performance. The light stays sharp even in the worst weather, owing to the excellent heat sink design that lets it work in temperatures ranging from -40℉ to 122℉

UL Listed
Producing 26,000lm of super-high brightness with its 600 high-efficiency bead chips, this 200W LED UFO high bay light is UL-listed for its premium standards, performance and safe operation

10%-100% dimming
The 1-10V dimming function lets you smoothly adjust the brightness from 100% to 10% and the wide 100-277V voltage range fulfills all your industrial or commercial large are lighting needs like in supermarkets, warehouses, factories, workshops, exhibition halls and stadiums

Exhibition hall, Expo center


Arenas & Stadiums

This heavy duty UFO LED high bay light features super high brightness, excellent quality and energy savings. It is an optimum lighting solution to industrial and commercial lighting in large applications.

More Bright Illumination Effects

Compared to a 2000W incandescent lamp, this light will save you 9900USD over its 50,000hrs lifespan, consuming less energy while also providing the same brightness. The 26,000lm high output of this light can be dimmed from 1-10V, making it easy to adjust the brightness level to suit your different needs while output excellent lighting for applications like warehouses, factories, workshops, exhibition halls, garages and stadiums.

More Reliable Quality

The light can maintain stable performance thanks to the great heat dissipation of the die-casted aluminum material. The IP65 wet location availability waterproof rating and built-in 4000V anti-surge protection prevents damage caused by a sudden rise in voltage and prolongs its lifespan to 50,000hrs. You can install this light in seconds with the pre-installed hook. This light is UL listed for its premium performance and safe operation, this certification also makes you eligible for state and nation wide rebate programs.


Wattage: 200W

Incandescent equivalent: 2000W

Voltage: 100-277V AC

Luminous flux: 26,000lm


Lifespan: 50,000hrs

Beam angle: 110°

CCT: 5000K Daylight

Dimmable: Yes

Dimming type: 1-10V(Dimmer compatibility:LEVITON DS710, LUTRON DVSTV)

Dimming range: 10%-100%

Working temp: -40℉-122℉

Waterproof rating: IP65

Material: Aluminum & PC

Product Name
200W LED UFO High Bay Shop Light Fixture - 26000 Lumens - 100-277 VAC - 2000W Incandescent Equivalent - 5000K Daylight
Product Weight
Model number
Led lifetime
Max wattage
Operating Temperature
-40℉ to 122℉
26000 lm
Power consumption
Color temperature
Operating voltage range
LED Color
CCT Value
Comparable Wattage
1001 to 2000 Watt Incand/MH/HPS
Power Consumption
151 - 350 Watts
Operational Voltage Range
100 - 277 V AC

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