39 Inches Interconnect Cable - Gun Safe Lighting Kit Extension Cable - Set of 2

  • DC3.5 male and female connector
  • 39 inches long wire
  • Suits TORCHSTAR gun safe lighting
  • Withstand max 12 watts
  • Multiple extension cords linkable
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This TORCHSTAR 39 inches long extension cable for safe lighting kit, with male and female connectors, makes it easier to attach more light bars together. It is the best solution for big size guns and long cabinets or showcases.

Easy and Flexible Installation

Super simple set-up and plug-n-play easy operation without wiring issues. This extension cable can achieve a more permanent and safe operation, which effectively reduces your trouble during installation.

Fulfill Your Lighting Demands

39 inches long wires, together with male-to-female connectors, makes it easy to connect numbers of light bars up together to fit big size gun safe or long cabinet or counters.

You Deserve It

This extension cable can withstand maximum 12 watts. Between two gun cabinet lights, you can link two or even more extension cables while with a lower level of energy consumption.

Perfect After-sales Service

This cabinet lighting extension cable is designed for TORCHSTAR safe lighting. Our product support goes beyond answering all your questions and concerns, you can email us for any query and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

This product comes with a 3-year warranty for your rights and benefits as a customer, satisfaction guaranteed. 


Length: 39 inches

Max wattage: 12W

Wire gauge: 24 AWG

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39 Inches Interconnect Cable - Gun Safe Lighting Kit Extension Cable - Set of 2
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