6" Recessed Light Trim - White - Compatible w/ PAR30 PAR38 BR30 BR40


‌- Fit for 6" Recessed Cans, Halo/Juno Remodel Recessed Housing. Match with PAR30, PAR38, BR30, BR40 and other LED, incandescent, CFL, halogen bulbs (no more than 75W).

- Heavy Duty Full Metal Body: Different from other plastic rings, the baffle and ring are full metal molding in one which makes its installation easier, no more yellowing issue.

- Better Cost Performance than Imagine: Use less than half budget of a big box store get better quality full metal recessed lighting trims, greatly reduce the frequency of replacing.

- Take a Few Minutes to Make Your Room Brand New: The step baffle design softens the light while the ring covers over-sized holes and unsightly marks. Pure white finish perfectly replaces the old age-yellowed trims.

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  • Integrated design, easy to install
  • Metal material, solid and durable
  • Standard size, fits 6inch cans

Compatible bulbs:

  • PAR30, PAR38, BR30, BR40
  • halogen, incandescent, LED

In Torchstar, our goal is to provide quality energy-saving lighting products for our customers. With the expertise in the LED technology, our product not only superior in performance but also make your lighting experience more enjoyable and comfortable anytime and anywhere.

The step baffle reflects the light from the bulb, softening it and eliminating annoying glare, preventing dazzling and eye fatigue.

The attached sponge gasket grants effective thermal insulation, making it fireproof and safe to use.

The 21mm-width integrated metal ring covers the original installation trace and blocks the gap between the wall and housing.

Preferred by most contractors and electricians, this 6inch trim has an outstanding design and incredible quality.

This 6inch trim's white metal step baffle softens the light and won't yellow after many years of service, unlike other plastic trim. This trim easily installs thanks to the included mounting springs.

Designed for standard 6 inch recessed cans and ceiling light fixtures, this trim can be used with PAR30, PAR38, BR30, BR40, and other similar sized halogens, incandescent, and LED light bulbs. The integrated iron ring covers up mis-cut and over-sized holes, as well as unsightly and torn drywall caused by the removal of existing trim.


Baffle color: White

Ring color: White

Compatible bulb type: PAR30/PAR38/BR30/BR40

Compatible recessed can size: 6 inch

Material: Iron

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6" Recessed Light Trim - White - Compatible w/ PAR30 PAR38 BR30 BR40
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6 inches
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