Essential LED Lighting Fixtures For Your Backyard

Categories: Home Lighting, Landscape & Outdoor, Strip Lights & Task Lighting
Posted: February 02, 2022

Your backyard is a vital part of your home. It's where you go to get some sunlight in privacy. It's where you invite friends and family to chat and enjoy a nice breeze.

It can also be a space for entertaining at night. But first, you need the correct lighting.

This is your essential LED lighting list for transforming your backyard into an excellent space for entertaining guests on those beautiful late nights. 

Let's begin:

1- Exterior Wall Lights

The first place to start is, the lights just beyond walking through your backdoor. That's your exterior wall lights. Chances are, you at least, have some light bulbs right outside your back door, or a very simple hardwired light fixture. 

The best idea is to replace whatever you have. Add a beautiful LED wall light fixture that better represents your taste and style. This is a must-have and we have plenty of options to get your search started. Often times, this will be the first light source that your guests notice, so choose something nice. 

2- Step & Deck Lights

If you have a patio, deck, outdoor grill, or outdoor fireplace, then step & deck LED lights are a wonderful option. They will add a much needed visual impact to your backyard and they will provide some functionality by highlighting important steps. 

This is a great opportunity for you to choose step and deck lights that showcase your style, since there are plenty of styles to choose from. 

3- Spot Lighting

Do you have some noteworthy backyard features? Examples would be a fruit tree, ornament, unique bushes, cactus, garden area, pool, outdoor fireplace or grill. 

Any of the above examples would be a good candidate to have a spot light pointed at them. It would highlight them during the nighttime, and would add more light to your backyard. 

It's a good idea if you have great focal points. 

4- Rope & Strip Lights

If you have a backyard overhang (porch or patio) that offers shade during the day, then hanging some rope LED lights on it is a great way to enhance your backyard. It's both functional and beautiful. 

It also adds a fun vibe to the area because it's not something many people take the time to do. You'll definitely stand out, in a good way, to your friends and family.

Do you have some other essential backyard lighting ideas? Leave a comment below and we can add them to this article.