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About TorchStar Recessed Lighting
Recessed lighting is a wonderful option for ceilings of all types. Whether it's a living room, kitchen, office space or bedroom ceiling, recesseed LED lighting is a functional option for enhancing the space. 

About Retrofit Recessed Lighting
If you're searching for a retrofit LED lighting option for your ceiling, then we have simple-to-install retrofit recessed lighting choices. It's one of the best ways to switch your ceiling fixtures.

About Ceiling Mount Lighting
Highlight areas of your space or highlight special artwork. Ceiling mount lighting gives you the flexibility to move your light & focus it where you please. Add a unique touch to any space.  

Parts & Accessories
Get the parts & accessories you need to complete your LED lighting transformation. If you can't find what you're looking for please feel free to contact us.

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Why You Need Ceiling LED Lights
Ceiling LED lights come in a wide variety of styles and usecases. You can change up your interior a little bit, or you can completely transform the vibe of your interior space. The choice is up to you and we're here to help. 

We have a large selection of ceiling LED lights. Our LED lights vary in design, size, light color, wattage, dimmability and other specifications. The correct LED for you really depends on the application. As you can see above, we have LEDs built for office spaces, kitchens and others built to light up artwork. One of the key points of ceiling lights is that a lot of them are adjustable and moveable. That lets you direct the light beam as you choose. 

Understanding The Benefits Of LED Lights

  • Save Money On Energy Costs: Our LED Lights typically have a significally lower wattage than thier incandescent counterparts, while producing the same light output. This saves you money on energy costs. 
  • Less Excess Heat: Our LED lights come with built-in heat sinks that'll efficiently get rid of any heat produced by the LEDs. In an indoor environment, this can save you money on your air conditioning bill. 
  • Longer Lifespan: When you go with LED, you'll no longer have to worry about constant bulb replacements and flickering lights. 
  • Consistent Light Output: Our LED lights shine at full capacity the moment they turn on. This is a massive advantage over other light sources that require a warm-up period before they begin to shine at full capacity.