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About Area Lighting
Proper area lighting is a necessary component of a safe environment, especially during the night time. Going LED can improve energy efficiency and will require less maintenance compared to other lighting options.

About Exit & Emergency Lighting
When you choose LED lighting for your exit signs and emergency light fixtures, you’re getting energy efficient fixtures, enhanced security and decreased maintenance costs.

About Retrofit Kits
If retrofitting your fixtures is an option you want to explore, we have many retrofitting kits that can work for you. You’ll benefit from the longer lifespan and flicker free performance.

About Interior Lighting
With the correct interior lighting, you can create an atmosphere that enhances moods, productivity, and even promotes calming effects. It’s worth the costs for yourself and your employees.

About Exterior Lighting
Built to withstand & function properly in harsh and hazardous conditions. Increase the safety in the area due to improved visibility, prevention of sparks that can cause explosions, and by meeting the safety requirements of your facility.

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Why You Need Commercial & Industrial LED Lights
Today’s commercial lights come in a wide range of options. You can find anything from florescent, metal halide to halogen options on the market, but the lighting choice gaining in popularity fast are commercial LED lights. 

We have a huge selection of commercial and industrial LED lights. Our LED lights vary in design, size, light color, wattage, dimmability and other specifications. The correct LED for you really depends on the application. As you can see above, we have LEDs built for construction worksites and others built to light up parking lots at nighttime. 

Understanding The Benefits Of LED Lights

  • Save Money On Energy Costs: Our LED Lights typically have a significally lower wattage than thier incandescent counterparts, while produce the same light output. This saves you money on energy costs. 
  • Less Excess Heat: Our LED lights come with built-in heat sinks that'll efficiently get rid of any heat produced by the LEDs. In an indoor environment, this can save you money on your air conditioning bill. 
  • Longer Lifespan: When you go with LED, you'll no longer have to worry about constant bulb replacements and flickering lights. 
  • Consistent Light Output: Our LED lights shine at full capacity the moment they turn on. This is a massive advantage over other light sources that require a warm-up period before they begin to shine at full capacity.