Dual-Head Red LED Exit Light w/ Battery Backup - Single or Double Face - Adjustable Light Heads


- UL 924: Complies with US Standard Emergency Lighting and Exit Light Combo Regulations, 120V/277V circuit for use at home, commercial and industrial lighting. 

 - 3 MOUNTING METHODS: Ceiling mount, side mount and wall mount available, easy to install, all the mounting hardware and accessories are included in the package. 

 - 90 MINUTES BACKUP: With a built-in 1.2V 900mAh rechargeable battery, high-quality nickel-cadmium batteries remain provides enough ample brightness for at least 90 minutes during power outages. 

 - QUALITY ASSURANCE: Fireproof and anti-corrosion material ensures safe and durable operation, not easy to damage and suitable for damp location. 

 - DAMP RATED: This emergency exit sign can be widely used for home and commercial areas, shopping mall, church, hospital, hallway, restaurant and damp locations.

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Two Adjustable Lamp Heads

This light can exactly light up the areas that you need to illuminate thanks to its 2 adjustable lamp heads. High-quality COB LEDs bring lighting effects.

Ultra-long Battery Service Time

With the capacity of 3.6V 1000mAh battery, this emergency light would keep working at least 90 minutes during power outages.

Test Button & Test Light on The Bottom

There is a test button and a test light on the bottom’s left side of the lamp body to test the lamp during installation.

Back Mount

Side Mount

Top Mount

Tips: The package has been upgraded to avoid damaging the product during transportation. When you open the light cover, you will see the accessories and light heads are all inside the product.

Strict Standards

With a built-in 3.6V 1000mAh rechargeable battery, this emergency light provides ample brightness for at least 90 minutes during power outages and ensures adequate evacuation times, which complies with UL 924 Emergency Lighting and Exit Sign Regulations.

Flexible Adjustment

Two adjustable light heads, featuring 45° horizontally folding angle, 70° vertically swiveling angle and 330° all-around adjustable angle, which can illuminate the direction that you need to light up.

High Quality

This EXIT sign ensures safe operation and high quality. The ABS light body is resistant to scratches, corrosion and impact damage, and it is also available in damp locations.

Wide Application

When the power turns off, the voltage sensor completes the battery circuit, turning on the lamps. It can be used in commercial facilities to provide illumination in different positions such as office buildings, exit doors or stairways in schools, churches, preschools, hospitals, etc.


1. Please check the building codes for Chicago and New York City.

2. To test the light, press the “TEST” button and the emergency light will turn on. The emergency light turns off when the button is released.


Wattage: 2W Input voltage: AC 120V/277V Battery: 3.6V1000mAh Beam angle: 120° Working temperature: 32℉- 104℉ Material: ABS

Product Name
Dual-Head Red LED Exit Light w/ Battery Backup - Single or Double Face - Adjustable Light Heads
Product Weight
Model number
Ambient operating temperature
32℉- 104℉
Emergency operation time
90 mins
Operating voltage range
120-277V AC
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