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For over 20 years, LEONLITE, a subsidiary of TORCHSTAR, has been a landscape lighting pioneer, particularly in the field of E-commerce. As we listen to homeowners, we find they view landscape lighting as an investment in the beauty, safety, and entertainment of their home. Our latest expansion has been among landscape lighting professionals, who appreciate the company's product innovation, warranty, and high-quality design, engineering, and testing standards along with our support.


Did you know you can use light layering outside to add depth and dimension, switch the mood in an instant and showcase aesthetics of your outdoor living space?
Play with different layers of light to see how you can transform your space.

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Brings joy and light to your home

Bought the same item last November 2020 and it still a beauty, working brightly they way it should. This is my second order and I am completely satisfied with the design and workmanship of this lights.

- K. Kamu

Great value & contruction

Impressed with these lights so far. They are very sturdy and solid and nicely made. Considering they are only 3w each, they give off A LOT of light. They were too bright for my yard, after installing 10 of these my backyard looked like an airport runway!

- A. Koeller

They ARE 5-star.....Could be 5-stars across the board...

So what do I like.... the lights are great, fairly straight forward to install and at night they make my pool and patio area look really high end. I installed 24 of these lights into a couple of retaining walls and steps and everyone loves them.

- M. Missy


I had a professional electrician install 16 of these. I’m using it as a deterrent for skunks, they’re supposed to be nocturnal and don’t like bright lights. I like these lights because they certainly are bright compared to others I have seen.

- F. Terry