LitEdge Smart Home
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LitEdge smart home products are your go to source for having an interconnected home.
Enjoy the benefits of having all your lighting and outlets connected to the internet and controllable via your smart phone. 
This is the power of LitEdge and you can have it all once you purchase our products and install the app. 

Smart Bulbs


It's true. You can control your home lighting on your smart phone with the use of smart bulbs. Explore our selection today to begin taking advantage of this technology. 

Smart Power Outlets


Our smart power outlets are very helpful because they allow you to control other devices that are connected to the outlet as well.

Smart Recessed Lighting


Equip your home with smart recessed lighting. It makes life easier & your family is going to love it. Begin controlling your lighting via an app.

Smart Wall Lighting


Looking to add some extra features to your home? How about smart wall lighting? It's a great way to control the lighting in your living space. 

Smart Strip Lights


Strip lights are convenient and simple to install. What could possibly make them better? How about smart strip lights? We have some right here.