Path Lighting
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Pathway lighting can have many functions but their main purpose is to light up pathways for improved visibility. There are many styles available,
including umbrella style and mini bollard style. You can find many other looks if those aren't exactly what you're searching for. 
If you're tired of the poor visibility on your landscape, we recommend installing some pathway lighting to brighten it up & beautify its appearance. 

Umbrella Style Lighting


Our umbrella style pathway lighting is a great option for any landscape. They have a unique umbrella style top. Light up low visibility pathways.

Mini Bollard Style Lighting


If you're looking for a LED that stands out, then check out our mini bollard style pathway lights. These produce great light while looking good.  

More Modern Styles


We have modern styles available that you'll appreciate if you're into modern & contemporary looks. Browse & find something fantastic.