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TORCHSTAR® JNL209C 2" 9W Recessed Lights with Night Light

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Introducing Our 2-Inch Recessed LED Lights: Dual Modes for Ultimate Lighting Flexibility.
  • Switches between downlight and energy-efficient 2W nightlight modes, with a deep baffle trim design to minimize glare.
  • High CRI of 90 for accurate color representation, fully dimmable from 10%-100% to suit your preference.
  • Offers 5CCT options for customized ambiance, plus a warm 2000K setting for nightlight mode.
  • Crafted from durable aluminum, ensuring a long lifespan of 30,000 hours for years of reliable use.
  • ETL certified for safety and quality, guaranteeing peace of mind with every use.
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TORCHSTAR® JNL209C 2" 9W Recessed Lights with Night Light

Single (1 unit) / 2 Inch
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Lumen: 650lm

Watts: 9W

Input Voltage: 120V

Light Temp/Colors: 2700K/3000K/3500K/4000K/5000K

CRI: >90

Materials: Aluminum

Average Lifespan (Hours): 30,000 hrs

Dual-Mode Efficiency

Switch seamlessly between bright downlight for daytime tasks and an energy-saving 2W nightlight for evening comfort. Ideal for multi-functional spaces, ensuring both productivity and restful ambiance

Glare-Free Comfort

Our lights feature a deep baffle trim design to minimize glare, enhancing your viewing experiences in home theaters or any space where comfort is key. Enjoy gentle lighting that doesn't strain your eyes.

Vibrant & Versatile Lighting

Achieve true-to-life colors with a high CRI of 90, and tailor your lighting ambiance from 10%-100% brightness. With 5CCT options, adapt your space for any occasion or mood, from a warm nightlight to vibrant working light.

  • Uniqueness guaranteed with our handcrafted pieces by skilled artisans. Each piece is one-of-a-kind.

  • Elevate your daily routine with expertly designed products that combine functionality and style.

  • Eco-conscious choice with our sustainably sourced materials. Make a difference with your purchase.

  • Be the only one with a limited edition piece. Don't miss out on owning a one-of-a-kind product.

Can the light modes be easily switched manually, or is there a remote/control system?

The dual lighting modes can be conveniently switched using a standard light switch. For enhanced flexibility, incorporating a compatible smart home system or dimmer can provide remote control capabilities, allowing you to adjust between downlight and nightlight modes effortlessly.

How does the anti-glare feature work? Will it be effective in very bright environments?

The anti-glare feature is achieved through our deep baffle trim design, which effectively minimizes glare by directing light downward and reducing direct eye exposure to the light source. This design ensures comfortable, gentle lighting in all environments, including brightly lit areas.

With the 5CCT options, how do I know which color temperature to choose for my room?

The choice of color temperature depends on the desired ambiance and function of the room. Cooler temperatures (higher Kelvin values) are ideal for task lighting or areas requiring focus, such as kitchens or home offices. Warmer temperatures (lower Kelvin values), including the 2000K nightlight setting, are perfect for creating a cozy, relaxing atmosphere in bedrooms or living areas.

How does the durability of the aluminum body contribute to the longevity of the lights?

The high-quality aluminum used in our recessed LED lights not only provides a sleek and modern appearance but also acts as an excellent heat sink. This material ensures efficient heat dissipation, which significantly extends the lifespan of the LED components inside, guaranteeing up to 30,000 hours of reliable performance. Additionally, the ETL certification reaffirms our commitment to safety and quality assurance, giving you peace of mind.