Green LED Exit Sign w/ Battery Backup - Single or Double Face


‌- Safety Guaranteed: Made of fireproof ABS plastic, 45mm thickness has good fire resistance, corrosion resistance and durability, not easy to damage and suitable for damp locaiton . The appearance is round and the four corners are upgraded to a curved angle, which can reduce the collision damage caused by the emergency.

Triple Mounting: Three mounting options are available for our emergency exit sign: side wall mounting, ceiling mounting, and back wall mounting. All mountings and accessories are in the package.

Durable Backup: With a built-in 1.2V 900mAh rechargeable battery, the exit lights can work continuously up to 90 minutes during power outages after full-charged, providing indication lighting for emergency situations.

Wide Voltage: 120V or 277V circuit for use at home, commercial and industrial lighting. The exit sign light is suitable for doorways, office, apartments, warehouse, supermarkets, schools, etc.

Multiple Application: This emergency exit light is bulit with two directions of arrows on each side for flexible installation.

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TORCHSTAR Double Sided Exit Light

If you are looking for a reliable and safe exit sign light that lights up your exit routes during power outages, then our green emergency light is your best option. 


- Single & double sided exit sign.
- Remains powered-on even without electricity.
- Excellent quality and safe operation.
- Keeps working at least 90 minutes during power outages.
- Three installation modes: top-mount, back-mount, side-mount.
- Compatible with AC120V & AC277V circuit for both residential and commercial applications.


- Battery capacity: 1.2V 900mAh
- Voltage: 120-277V AC
- Charging time: about 24hours
- Material: ABS
- Working Temperature: -32℉- 104℉

- Lifespan: 20,000 hrs

Design Upgrade
This new style of emergency light is an upgraded version of the traditional square design. The arc-shaped corners are beautiful, and can also prevent unwanted damage from direct contact.

Ultra Long Battery Service Time
With the super-capacity 1.2V 900mAh battery, this emergency light would keep working at least 90 minutes during power outages.

Test Button & Test Light on The Bottom
There is a test button and a test light on the bottom left side of the lamp body to test the lamp during installation.

Product Name
Green LED Exit Sign w/ Battery Backup - Single or Double Face
Product Weight
LED Light Color
Model number
Ambient operating temperature
Emergency operation time
90 mins
Operating voltage range
120-277V AC
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