LED Recessed Lights Final Sale

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  • ONLY $5.49

    4" | Retrofit | Glare-free | 10W LED

    5000K Daylight

  • ONLY $4.99

    6" | Retrofit | Glare-free | 12W LED

    2700K Warm, 5000K Daylight

  • ONLY $5.00

    6" | Canless | Glare-free | 9W LED

    2700K Warm White

  • ONLY $4.98

    4" | Retrofit | Trim-changable | 10W

    2700K Warm , 5000K Daylight

  • ONLY $4.98

    4" | Retrofit | 10W LED

    2700K Warm White

  • ONLY $5.98

    5" or 6" | Retrofit | 15W LED

    2700K Warm, 5000K Daylight

  • ONLY $6.98

    6" | Retrofit | 15W LED

    5000K Daylight



Versatile Illumination

TORCHSTAR's retrofit recessed lights deliver high-quality, versatile illumination that enhances any space. Available in various color temperatures and adjustable beam angles, these lights can be tailored to create the desired ambiance and functionality. Ideal for upgrading kitchens, living rooms, hallways, and commercial spaces, it will meet diverse project requirements.

Easy Installation for Professionals

The retrofit style recessed lights are designed for quick and easy installation, perfectly saving energy for professional installers. These fixtures are made to fit into existing recessed housings without the need for extensive rewiring or ceiling modifications. This simplifies the upgrade process, allowing for efficient and hassle-free retrofitting in residential and commercial spaces.

Enhanced Efficiency and Longevity

Our recessed lights use advanced LED technology, providing superior energy efficiency and a long lifespan. This results in significant energy savings and reduced maintenance costs, making them an economical choice for retrofit projects. The durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, offering reliability and client satisfaction with fewer replacements needed over time.