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ESCENA the Reach 23.6" Piano Light - Matt Black

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Elevate your musical experience with the "ESCENA the Reach 23.6" Piano Light - Matt Black", engineered to provide precise, comfortable, and adaptable lighting for pianists. This lamp boasts a thoughtfully designed head that casts a broad, soft, and uniform light over every key. Its intuitive features, ranging from anti-glare technology to smart dimming, ensure an exceptional lighting environment tailored to every pianist's needs. 

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ESCENA the Reach 23.6" Piano Light - Matt Black

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Beam Angle Control:

  • Adjustable between 45° and 50°
  • Designed to provide the ideal lighting area for piano playing.

Dimming Capability:

  • Integrated ambient light sensor for automatic brightness adjustment.
  • Manual override options available for brightness and color temperature control.

Lamp Size:

  • Generous 23.6" head width.
  • Ensures expansive coverage over the keyboard, illuminating every key.

Timer Feature:

  • One-click activation for a 2-hour timer mode.
  • Designed for eye comfort during prolonged sessions.

Activation Mode:

  • Long-press the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds to activate flashing mode.

Flexibility & Positioning:

  • Comes with a flexible folding arm.
  • Three adjustable lamp poles allow for precision lighting adjustments.

Base Stability:

  • Features a weighted base to provide stability.
  • Ensures the lamp remains in place and avoids tipping during adjustments.

Anti-Glare Technology:

  • Integrated reflector in the lamp head.
  • Designed to reduce eye strain during use.


Experience enhanced piano playing with Escena's Light Reach, the ultimate professional piano light that illuminates your musical journey with precision and style.


Eliminates shadows and glare, providing optimal visibility for your sheet music and piano keys.


Illuminates your performance without interruptions, distractions, or unwanted heat. Letting you dive deep into the melodic flow.

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  • Elevate your daily routine with expertly designed products that combine functionality and style.

  • Eco-conscious choice with our sustainably sourced materials. Make a difference with your purchase.

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What features does the "ESCENA the Reach 23.6" Piano Light" have to ensure my eyes are protected during prolonged piano sessions?

The lamp is specifically designed with several eye-caring features. It possesses an anti-glare technology achieved through an integrated reflector in the lamp head. Additionally, it features an ambient light sensor that intelligently adjusts the brightness based on surrounding light, ensuring optimal and comfortable illumination. For prolonged sessions, there's also a one-click 2-hour timer mode to remind you to take a break.

I've had issues with my previous piano lamps not covering all the keys. How does this lamp ensure comprehensive coverage?

The "ESCENA the Reach 23.6" Piano Light" is designed with a generous 23.6" head, which is wider than many standard LED desk lamps. This expansive coverage ensures that every key on your piano is evenly and adequately illuminated, providing a soft diffuse lighting experience.

I'm concerned about the lamp shifting or tipping over when I adjust its position. How does this lamp ensure stability?

Stability is a key feature of the "ESCENA the Reach 23.6" Piano Light". It comes with a weighted base that ensures the lamp remains steady and avoids tipping, even during adjustments. Furthermore, its flexible folding arm and adjustable lamp poles allow you to easily set the light's position without compromising its stability.

Can I manually adjust the brightness and color temperature, or is it only automatically adjusted by the sensor?

While the lamp does have a built-in ambient light sensor that can automatically adjust the brightness based on surrounding light, you also have the flexibility to manually override and adjust both the brightness and color temperature to your preference.