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Rotatoset 4" Remodeling Gimbal LED Recessed Trim Kit - Satin Nickel

LNRH-4GU10-SNRLT-1P + GU10TBA40-D-30-1P
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The TORCHSTAR 4 Inch Recessed Kit offers a high-quality, UL-listed remodel can with a swivel gimbal metal trim in satin nickel. This set is perfect for a seamless, elegant lighting solution in your space.
  • Comes with a 4-inch, air-tight and IC-rated recessed can.
  • Features thermal switch for safety, automatically cutting off power when overheated.
  • The satin nickel swivel gimbal metal trim is compatible with GU10 bulbs and rotates up to 30 degrees.
  • Designed for easy installation with 4-wire push-in connector and retention clips.
  • Can be used to cover gaps from mis-cut or oversized holes, and to conceal unsightly or torn drywall.
  • Both the can and trim have a voltage of 120V.
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Rotatoset 4" Remodeling Gimbal LED Recessed Trim Kit - Satin Nickel

Single (1 unit) / with 7.5W GU10 LED Bulbs 3000K
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Size: 4.09 inch (dia), 5.51 inch (depth)

Material: aluminum

Voltage: 120V

Socket: GU10


Color: satin nickel

Rotational angle: 30 degree

Durable Construction

The TORCHSTAR remodel kit boasts a durable aluminum IC housing, ensuring longevity and safety in operation.

Advanced Features

This product features an integrated thermal switch, which cuts off power during overheating, and a 4-wire push-in connector for easy installation.

Trim Details

The satin nickel gimbal metal trim, designed for a 4-inch remodel, not only offers a sleek appearance but also covers unsightly gaps or torn drywall.

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What is the construction material of the remodel kit?

The remodel kit, including its recessed can and trim, is made of durable aluminum.

Does the recessed can have a safety feature to prevent overheating?

Yes, the recessed can features a thermal switch that cuts off power when overheated.

What type of light bulbs is the product compatible with?

The kit is compatible with GU10 LED bulbs.

How does the product ensure an air-tight design?

The product has an air-tight design with an IC housing to prevent heated airflow diffusion.