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OB LeonLite® Round Grandangolo Flood Light - 3000K Warm White - Master Pack (48 units)

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Flood light from the LEONLITE website is the perfect choice for reliable and accessible lighting. With its easy on-and-off design, it will remember your previous setting before being turned off, so you can always flood light the area you need. In addition, the light head can be angled vertically at 135° to provide multi-angle lighting and flood light the corners you need.


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Total Lumen:

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Input Voltage:

Color Rendering Index (CRI):

Efficacy (Lumens/Watt):

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Average Lifespan (Hours):


LeonLite® Round Grandangolo Flood Light highlights the beautiful branches and foliage of trees, creating an illuminated border that frames the outdoor area. The warm glow of the light cozily cocoons the space and blends the indoors with the outdoors seamlessly. LeonLite® Round Grandangolo Flood Light is perfect for creating an outdoor tree lighting design with a sense of grandeur, by adding it beneath your favorites. This will draw immediate attention to their structure and details and create an architectural impact that is perfect for larger plots.

LeonLite® Round Grandangolo Flood Light works much better on sculptures because they wash the subject matter in light that evokes a strong presentation of form and color – making these features front stage instead. It can create an interesting focal point near some beautiful landscaping or other design element while also adding curb appeal which increases its value even more so than before installation was done (and all without sacrificing safety).

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